What is a clinically integrated network (CIN)?
A clinically integrated network (CIN) is a population health management and contracting entity that connects a set of providers across the entire care continuum by information, clinical standards and protocols, and care coordinator services to help patients navigate health services while simultaneously improving cost, quality, outcomes, and provider experience (the Quadruple Aim) for the communities and populations served by the network. CINs typically aim to: provide increased access and better outcomes by improving a communities’ health status at a lower total cost; deliver a seamless, consistent, and coordinated patient experience across a network; and work with payers and employers to bring innovative and affordable products to market aimed at reducing total cost of care while simultaneously improving quality and the health of the communities served.

How does a CIN work?
CINs provide a platform that allows physician and hospital providers to retain their independent organizations while jointly demonstrating value through enhanced coordinated care focused on the Quadruple Aim.  The CIN will contract with payers and employers seeking value-based care for their membership. 

Why is clinical integration beneficial to physicians?
Clinical integration allows providers to share their best practices in clinical management and deliver more coordinated care to accomplish the Quadruple Aim and goals of population health management.  That demonstrated value gives physicians access to new, value-based contracts that reward cost and quality performance.

What is Care4Texans (C4T)?
C4T is a physician-led, locally owned, clinically integrated network (CIN). It is a Texas based company with its own governance structure, leadership team and brand name.  C4T allows participating physicians and the health system to retain their independence yet work together to:

  • Create a network of providers and services covering the care continuum
  • Provide increased provider access and better outcomes in order to improve the community’s health status and lower costs
  • Deliver a seamless, consistent, innovative, and coordinated patient experience across the network
  • Work with payers and employers to design insurance products aimed at reducing total cost of care while simultaneously improving quality and the health of the communities we serve
  • Shape the future of healthcare rather than react to it

Why is C4T appropriate for healthcare in Waco?

Healthcare in Texas is evolving toward an environment where physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers will be paid based on their ability to optimize the overall patient experience, to improve the quality and outcomes of care, and to reduce total cost of care (i.e. value-based care). In this context, we need to be able to prove that we can provide this high quality, low cost care. This proof requires data, reports and agreed-upon protocols to treat our patients better and show that we are doing so. C4T can facilitate those protocols and aggregate our collective data, which is difficult and costly for providers to accomplish independently of each other.

How is C4T being structured to be physician-led?
C4T is governed by an 13-member Board of Directors which includes 8 physicians, 2 health system executives, and 2 community members.  The physician-majority Board will appoint the Chairs of C4T’s Committees, which includes: Clinical Quality Committee, Contracting & Financing Committee, and Performance Committee, among others to be named by the Board. Leadership roles for C4T will be determined by the C4T Board of Directors.

How do physicians join C4T?
Individual physicians may join the C4T through a Participation Agreement. The Participation Agreement will define the relationship and expectations between the participating physicians and C4T.

Is C4T an exclusive network?
No. C4T is not an exclusive network. Providers can join C4T and retain membership in other networks.

Is C4T a health insurance company?
No. C4T is a clinically integrated network of healthcare providers that will partner with payers and employers to bring affordable, high-quality health care to the Waco market.